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Piano Class
Piano Lesson
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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

 Music Theory 101   

Music Theory is the foundation for growth in musicianship and craft. Music Theory 101 lessons start with the basics and build from their. Music Theory can be applied to all instruments and is beneficial for all students who want to grow in their musicality. Lessons are tailored for each students needs and personal goals. Whether you play an instrument and want deeper understanding or you are new to music and want to begin learning theory, these lessons are for you. 

Private Piano Lessons

I offer piano lessons for all ages. Each lesson focuses on piano fundamentals, theory, proper technique and sight reading. I want all of my students to thrive while learning and taking lessons. Everyone learns in different ways and in their own time, so frequently I adapt my teaching techniques for each student as I see fit. 

Vocal Training

Vocal training is for students who have had no experience to those who have worked with previous vocal coaches. When I teach vocal training, I work on pitch, breathing, different styles and genres of music. I push my students to excel and to try all types and forms of singing. We work on different vocal techniques and growing ones register.

Piano Recital

Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons are now available for distant learning. Wether you are wanting to learn safely from the comfort of your home or you live out of the area, distant learning is a great option.  Virtual lessons meet weekly over Zoom or FaceTime depending on what is best for each student. Lessons are fun and engaging and filled with extra activities to make virtual learning exciting. Virtual lessons are available for all classes that we offer, piano, voice and music theory. This school year, Fall 20-21, all charter school students are required to move to virtual lessons for the time being. You may find more information about this on your charter schools website. We are required to honor that request and will not be offering in-person lessons for charter school families at this time. 

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